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Privacy ready in 30 days? Mission accomplished ✅

Equip yourself with the tools to tackle worldwide privacy frameworks such as the NZ Privacy Act and the GDPR. Create the fundamental roles, policies and workflows necessary to gain and maintain your customers’ trust⎯wherever you want to do business.

Launch into new markets with your data privacy secured 🌏

Confidently operate globally

Work towards becoming privacy ready with a program that prepares you for international regulations.

Make data privacy your advantage

Show your customers your commitment to protecting their data with the key principles in place.

Gain traction without adding more

Meet your privacy obligations and expand into internal markets with the resources you already have.

Privacy with a plan

All of your roles and responsibilities in one place

Uncover your next steps, delegate tasks with ease, and align everyone to your roadmap.

“Keeping things organised and driving forward is part of a team effort now.”

Peter Simmons, CTO at MyHR

More than a template

Develop expert-approved privacy policies

Generated for you, customised to your needs. Onwardly provides you with an internal and external privacy policy to guide your data use⎯without spending countless human hours.

Implement the key people, processes and practices to be privacy ready with a comprehensive program that can be completed in 30 days.

Safeguard your customer data like a superhero 🦸

Operationalise your privacy program in 30 days 👊

Privacy Resilience Program

Protecting personal data is crucial part of your mission. Together, we can create a world where data privacy is respected and every citizen can feel safe and secure.

In 30 days (or longer, depending on your timeline), establish a program that ensures your business meets the requirements of international privacy regulations.

  • Privacy Risk Assessment

  • Privacy Policy Development

  • Technical Controls

  • How-To Guides

  • Data Breach Response Plans

“The pre-built policy was one of the most valuable features for us. And the list of action items we needed to get better. I can tell the board that we have a security policy in place and we're working through the list of standards.”

Tane van der Boon

Founder & CEO

Unleash your inner security superhero 🦸

Build, launch and manage your cyber resilience program in 30 minutes a week.