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Move security forward, faster

Onwardly is a cloud security platform that makes it easier for tech leaders and startups to build, manage and scale your security and privacy program.
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Bringing peace of mind to forward-thinking tech companies

Build momentum with Onwardly

The new era of cybersecurity

With Onwardly, security is now your competitive edge. We break down the barriers to entry and provide a solution for every business to proactively secure themselves, for less cost.

🚀 Grow your business
Deepen trust and drive revenue by showcasing your confident stance on security. Plan for future growth and proactively prove your commitment to protecting your customers’ data.
📈 Improve your performance
Plan, allocate, prioritise and track your security outcomes over time—without adding more resources. Review program success, identify strategy gaps, and align everyone in your business to your goals.
🌟 Empower your team
Run a more efficient operation with your team in command. Gain a 360° view over every security task in your business—and make clear progress towards a more secure business.

How much security do I need?

Ever wonder what aspects of securing your business you should be thinking about and what’s appropriate?

Our latest webinar covers the three most fundamental aspects of security practice to put you on the right track to scaling security and creating a well-defended business.
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Build security momentum

The fastest path to securing your business. Take control of your security tasks, so that you can achieve peace of mind and get more done in less time, all in one powerful platform.

Professional-grade assessment

Capture your current security posture and next steps

Complete your assessment and instantly get access to your policies and tasks roadmap. Onwardly generates a score with an actionable goal to work towards.

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Done-for-you policy

Easily create a security policy unique to your business

Whether it’s security or data privacy, Onwardly provides the principles and processes needed to ensure your business is protected.

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Your security program

Unify your security tasks all in one place

Understand and take meaningful actions towards a more secure business. Delegate with one click and start tracking the progress of your security program.

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Leverage your existing tooling to work more effectively

Your security program is only as good as your ability to consistently execute. Onwardly helps you keep on top of it all with Repeating Tasks, Runbooks and Integrations to tooling such as Jira.

Give those around you confidence in your security posture

Communicate like a boss. Give everyone in your business crystal-clear clarity on progress with your security posture. Win the support of others and keep improving.

Plan, execute and track progress—all from within Onwardly

Write it all down with Records

Record and log critical information about your business - things like assets, systems and who has administrator access.

Execute consistently with Runbooks

Runbooks enable you to achieve hyper-consistency by completing the same group of tasks every time an event occurs - such as making a new hire, acquiring a new tool or off-boarding someone.

Stay on top of everything with Repeating Tasks

Repeating Tasks promote good security hygiene by  reminding you to do the important things consistently. Never miss a beat, and manage all of your regular security tasks in one place.

Calculate your Onwardly Score

Deliver important updates on security progress to those who need it the most. Tell a better story around how your business is improving with its security program.

Review, update and iterate

A security program is like a product - it’s always a work in progress. Review, improve and tweak your program consistently - all from one place.


Build security momentum

The pre-built policy was one of the most valuable features for us. And the list of action items we needed to get better. I can tell the board that we have a security policy in place and we're working through the list of standards. It's a really easy way to get your security sorted. That's the main thing for us ⏤ it makes our lives easier.

Tane van der Boon
Founder & CEO at Inviol

With Onwardly, there's a path that you can follow to improve how you approach security. We’ve now got goals to work toward to meet our ideal score by this date or time.

Walter Rumsby
Walter Rumsby
Head of Engineering at CONQA

We are a growing tech company, and having a plan in place to improve our cybersecurity posture is vital for us. Onwardly gives us the tools and support we need to be successful with security. We can just keep coming back to it and get on with whatever the next task is. Keeping things organised and driving forward is part of a team effort now.

Peter Simmons
Peter Simmons

Self-manage your security program

Startups and small tech businesses love the ease, accessibility and simplicity of Onwardly.

Precision tooling
Onwardly is designed specifically for managing information security and is more effective than general purpose tools.
Team friendly
Bring trusted members of your team in Onwardly to help. Assign tasks, review activity and get more done.
Works anywhere
Busy tech leaders work from any device, in any location. Onwardly meets you where you are by working with your screen size.
Full traceability
Every activity, from log in to log out is recorded in Onwardly. Be confident you know what is happening.
Industry standard
Your security program is based on the fundamentals of professional-grade certifications such as ISO 27001.
Partnered with the best
Onwardly is partnered with SafeStack, a leading security consulting company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

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