Introducing an enhanced security program view: Track progress and achieve higher security levels

May 23, 2023

Your security program has had an update that goes beyond look and feel. This update changes the way you communicate progress on security with your team, your board, and other leaders in the business. Get ready for a whole new level of cyber resilience.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s new in Onwardly:

Introduction of the new security view

Your security program now automatically calculates your cyber resilience score as you complete tasks. The real-time security score continuously evaluates your actions and their impact on your overall security posture.

A shiny new graph for progress tracking

Visualising your security journey is now easier and more rewarding than ever. The graph at the top of your security readiness program presents an overview of your progress over time. With a single glance, you can view the growth of your security score on a daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The graph showcases your advancement on your security goals and enables you to prioritise what’s next.

Legacy view

We’ve included a ‘Legacy’ tab where you can find the previous view of your security program, including past assessments and the ability to take a fresh assessment.

Beyond assessments

Gone are the days of repeating your security assessment every time to view an updated progress score. With this update, you can see your security progress score in real-time, ensuring you have the most up-to-date insights without any additional effort.

To view the *new* security program view, log in to your Onwardly dashboard or reach out to see a personalised demo.

Stay secure and enjoy exploring the enhancements we’ve brought to your security program.

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