SafeStack's Laura Bell joins Onwardly as advisor and investor

July 11, 2021

Today we are thrilled to announce something we’ve been working on for a while... 

I'm stoked to welcome SafeStack founder and CEO Laura Bell as an investor and advisor in Onwardly. Laura is an industry expert and veteran in cybersecurity and is giving us specialist security advice and governance.

For too long, security has been confusing, inaccessible and left to the domain of industry consultants. Onwardly is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering aimed at growing tech businesses enabling them to confidently self-assess and operate their own cyber security programs.

Earlier in the year, I reached out to Laura and started working with her on the beginnings of Onwardly. Laura Bell is world-class in the security space, and shares the same values of making security accessible to a wider audience. I’m extremely pleased to be working with her.

Businesses that use Onwardly gain confidence in their security efforts, can communicate more effectively to their exec or board and win more business from their prospects and customers. They will gain a firm understanding of where the gaps are, a custom roadmap of what to do next and a world-class product experience to run and operate their security program over the long term.

As 2020 has shown us, things are only heating up on the security front for businesses. Onwardly is a business born out of the real need for technology companies in particular to improve and begin to operate their security programs with confidence -  and that’s good news for everyone involved.

“SafeStack is excited to be partnering with Onwardly to provide another avenue for businesses starting out on their security journey. Tools like this are a vital part of making security practices and guidance available to all organizations.” says Laura Bell.

Early reports from business leaders using Onwardly are encouraging. John Nowak, CTO and Co-Founder at Grappler said: “Onwardly is great! It has given me the confidence to understand and implement what I need to do with my cybersecurity program. We have some big plans ahead for Grappler, and I'm glad to have Onwardly on the journey with us.”

Onwardly is currently in private beta with a public release scheduled for February 2021.

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"We wanted a solution that was fit for purpose, reflecting our age and stage, while delivering the outcomes we wanted for our customers and people. After looking at what was available, Onwardly stood out as serving this purpose perfectly."

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