Product update: Adopt a cybersecurity business model with your team

October 6, 2021

Wherever you are - I hope you’re doing well. Spring is in full session, and summer is just around the corner. A new quarter has just begun and, as always, it’s still an important time to be thinking about cybersecurity.

One thing I’ve noticed about our most successful customers at Onwardly is that security is a team sport. It’s not just one person, but often two or three working together (in addition to all staff playing their part!) to drive the change needed to defend their business. Often one or two things completed consistently every few weeks - that’s what makes the difference. 

In the tech world, we talk about making consistent 1% improvements. Why don’t we apply this same thinking to security? With that in mind, next week we are releasing our latest update - the new weekly report. Read more about it below.

Did you also know that we now have a free version of our assessment? What is your maturity level as an organisation? People can now try out Onwardly by completing a one-time free assessment online. See below for more details.

Within the Onwardly ship - there is lots happening. With some decent traction this year, we are currently working towards our first capital raise. This is a big step, and will allow us to grow and do so much more with Onwardly as we plan for next year and beyond 🚀

I’m massively encouraged by the appetite for folks to make meaningful improvements to their security programs, and to make security a first-class citizen of their businesses. More to come on that!

That's it for this month.

Take care,

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New! The Weekly Report

Maybe you’re in the trenches doing daily security work, or perhaps part of a team (reminder: security is a team sport) that’s getting things done. Our new weekly report is a summary of all the work that’s been done, is overdue and is coming up in the near future - delivered right to your inbox every Monday. The weekly report will keep teams informed and aligned about what’s happening, and serve as a useful tool to plan and prioritise upcoming security work.

One of the key success metrics we track for Onwardly customers is how many tasks they are able to complete over time and the corresponding increase in security maturity (their Onwardly Score). The weekly report is directly aimed at helping you work more efficiently as a team and achieve more. We hope you like it!

Try out the free assessment

The first step towards better security is to understand where you sit right now. Onwardly customers are using this on a regular basis to measure and improve, and now we’re opening it up for those who would like to try it free as a one-time experience.

Self-assess, understand your gaps and generate a relevant goal that we can help you work towards with Onwardly. See more: Free assessment.

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