Product update: New cybersecurity platform integration with Jira

May 28, 2021

We have big news – the Onwardly Jira integration is now available! 🤩

After speaking with many companies and our own existing customers, there has been consistent demand for Onwardly to integrate with other key pieces of the toolchain, and one has come up more than any other – Jira.

Companies using Jira can now create and link issues directly to and from Onwardly, connecting together important streams of security-related work and unlocking further productivity.

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There’s a greater narrative I want to share with you here – we believe the future of doing security well includes enhancing the value and functionality of your existing software. This means smart integrations that create much better functionality than spreadsheets or word documents alone and deliver time savings and increased confidence in your security posture.

Jira is the first cab off the rank, and there are more in the pipeline. What would you like to see next? Let me know.

In addition to the Jira integration, Onwardly has been updated with a raft of small but useful improvements. Read on for more info.


Product updates: Jira integration, task enhancements and two-factor auth by default

Jira integration

You can now connect your Jira Cloud instance to Onwardly and create/link issues directly from within Onwardly. Issues created from Onwardly have a handy hyperlink to navigate back and forth, so existing work can be mapped between the systems.

It takes less than a minute to get started! Enable the integration from your Profile area, and start creating or linking Jira issues.

Task improvements

Onwardly tasks are being constantly improved. This month we have tweaked some workflow subtleties, with the app now redirecting you back to the same point when completing a task (as opposed to the “Completed” tab”). This should enable you to complete multiple tasks more efficiently. Overdue dates are also now more visible - shown in red for easier identification.

Two-factor auth (2FA)

2FA is now mandatory for all users in Onwardly. This creates a more effective security layer over access to Onwardly and, as a security product, matches the standard we are holding other critical software to as part of good policy. It’s a small thing, but folks should feel confident their security information is more protected than ever.

That's a wrap this month!

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