Product update: Cybersecurity platform for startups

August 18, 2021

Are you improving? In the business world we like to talk about making progress - but how do we do this for security? How do you know you’re actually getting better? It helps to start by working towards a goal and measuring your progress along the way. In that vein - I’m excited to show you we’re helping tech leaders do just that. Read more below.

It’s been a busy few months on the startup ship. Some fantastic new businesses have joined the ranks of those who believe in the vision, and are making real progress towards being more secure. I’m extremely grateful to these amazing kiwi success stories, and the wider startup community in general for the generosity of advice and know-how. 

Involved in a startup? Happy to compare notes and share the journey with you. Reach out and say hi 👋.

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Introducing the Onwardly® Score

Why are goals important? They give focus and help galvanise activity. Reaching a goal is motivating and rewarding. They also make it seem more feasible. Let’s face it - endlessly striving towards an unknown destination can be disheartening.

The newly-updated Onwardly Score report now generates a suitable goal for your organisation to works towards 🎯.  This goal is based roughly on your organisation size and represents a great target to aim for. In addition to this, we also show you a full breakdown of how you score on each security domain.

What’s required to access the updated report? Nothing! If you’re already an Onwardly customer and have completed an assessment, your goals are waiting for you to review right now.

Here at Onwardly, we also revisit our own score regularly and use the goal as a target to improve. It’s important to me that we are dogfooding our own product - after all - Onwardly was created to solve real-world challenges I experienced in my previous role.

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