Product update: Streamline your workflow with Microsoft Teams

December 14, 2022

After the launch of the Slack bot in Onwardly, we had requests from our customers using Microsoft products to develop a similar integration for Teams.

And now we can announce that it’s here!

The integration allows you to view notifications, reminders and weekly reports within a Microsoft Teams channel. It’s easier than ever to improve your security posture by integrating your Onwardly tasks with your existing communications tool. After all, we built (and continue to upgrade) the platform to save you time by helping you to keep on top of all your security and privacy tasks.

Here’s what you can expect:


Wherever you are, whoever you’re talking to, pull up your Onwardly weekly reports from Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s a board meeting or coffee with an investor, you can show to your stakeholders that you’re taking security seriously and moving forward to better your overall security posture.


View a snapshot of your tasks within your Microsoft Teams channel. Onwardly sends notifications to you directly inside your messaging platform so that you can collaborate with your team and be reminded of security tasks, such as retaking your assessment every 90 days, that otherwise may fall through the cracks.

Weekly Reports

You don’t even need to log into Onwardly to see your progress on security. Automatically receive a weekly report of your tasks created, completed, and those that are overdue. In this report, Onwardly also recommends which tasks to next focus on—streamlining your workflow without you even needing to think about what’s coming up the next week.

For current customers, the integration is available now within Onwardly.

If you’re interested in seeing the value in integrating your security and privacy tasks with Microsoft Teams, sign up for a free 7-day trial of Onwardly here.

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