How to mitigate cybersecurity risks with awareness training

October 12, 2021

Training staff is a regular part of running an effective security program

Internal risks to your organisation' can be mitigated through as many rules and policies as you want, but regular training is the best thing for your staff to protect your company as part of a robust security program.

Keeping your organisation safe requires commitment from all levels. Although policies and rules do provide your staff with the guidance they need, simply following rules is not the whole picture. Security awareness training is an important tool to provide people with what they need to take up the responsibility of security themselves. This training provides your staff with the knowledge they need to spot threats and vulnerabilities in their day to day work, encouraging individual commitment to security and overall bringing better security into your workplace.

This training comes in many forms and should be adjusted to suit the needs of your staff. Some of these people may have good knowledge around IT security and some may not and the training they are offered can reflect this. Role-specific, such as software development, or threat specific training is also an effective way to provide further tools for your staff in an ever-changing environment. For example, if a new threat arose that was relevant to your company's work, having training available for your staff would be invaluable to ensure they can protect against this threat.

The way this training is provided can also be done in a range of different ways. More commonly these days, self-paced online training platforms such as Safestack Academy are an effective and affordable way to train people. For others,  classroom-style training may work better but is increasingly challenging in a travel-restricted environment. This all depends on the people in your company, and one of the most important aspects of this training is finding the best way to ensure maximum participation. It’s all about encouraging an attitude that will create buy-in for all staff, and a willingness to protect the organisation as a team.

Keeping up with this training can be difficult in a busy workplace. Regularly scheduling training for existing staff, and ensuring new staff are enrolled are both parts of continuing to run an effective security program.

Onwardly’s repeating tasks and runbooks are specifically designed to help with both of these challenges, as well as providing a hub for your team to collaborate on all things security-related.

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