Continual improvement a big plus for MyHR


MyHR is the go-to platform for SMBs, a fit-for-purpose solution designed to cover the full lifecycle of an employee. Based on a growing awareness of the need to make sure that everyone on the MyHR team was on the same page when it came to cybersecurity, the search began for a solution that would help them achieve greater maturity.

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The challenge

Boosting cybersecurity awareness 🚀

MyHR is a continually growing business. As more people join the team, the more it became clear that there needed to be a 'best practice' security policy in place that everyone followed explains Peter Simmons, CTO.

"What we wanted to do was get everyone in the organisation more involved - That was the number one challenge. We're growing so we're constantly adding people. They need to be aware of the security aspects."

“Systems can be secure as you like and you can be ticking all the boxes, but if people are not following good practice, then it's all largely moot.”
Peter Simmons, CTO at MyHR

It was with that in mind that Peter, having known Onwardly CEO Phil Howie for many years, engaged with Onwardly to discuss how to reach greater maturity in their cybersecurity practices. There was some existing awareness in the company around cybersecurity, but Peter was keen to leverage collateral to assist with the 'why' - boosting that awareness - as well as having something in place that was easy for everyone to get to grips with.

"It seemed like a pretty good fit," Peter recalls. "Onwardly could make it easy for people who had an awareness, but didn't have any skills to be able to chip in and help because there's just clear tasks to do. We have a piece of software and a little bit of a community around as well to help us with it."

The solution

Tasks lists and a sensible plan 📝

When MyHR made the decision to deploy the Onwardly solution, they took their first steps on the path to continual improvement. It began with an assessment that examined every area of MyHR's cybersecurity, then generated actionable goals.

"We used the assessment, the policy creator and editor to help us set up the tasks," Peter explains. "We then added other tasks that we've rolled our privacy in as part of our security governance, and we'll work collectively on that."

With a task list and a sensible plan, MyHR is now able to:

  • Plan ahead and make progress with a complete roadmap of tasks to be implemented
  • Leverage existing systems to work more effectively
  • Give customers confidence in their security posture

When asked about the key strengths of the Onwardly platform, Peter is keen to highlight the value of the assessment tool. "It helps build out your policy, and you've got all that reference material associated with each section," he explains. "It's super useful, because it just gives you the things at hand that you need to justify and understand what the clauses mean. There are always multiple interpretations with words. That, and having the tasks and just being able to keep chipping away and improve is what's been key for us."

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The result

A cybersecurity solution that boosts company-wide awareness and focus on continual improvement 📈

Understanding that cybersecurity is an evergreen process that needs continual monitoring if it's going to be effective, the team at MyHR is working through the list and ensuring that they stay on track. "We can just keep coming back to it and get on with whatever the next task is," says Peter. "Having that ability means we know we're on the right journey, and that's pretty helpful."

In addition, although cybersecurity is a key part of Peter's role, the growing awareness around security means he is now able to share the load a bit. "Keeping things organised and driving forward is part of a team effort now," he says. "It was always going to be my role to keep an eye on it and be the person who knows the most, but there's more review happening now. Knowing that's going on in the background means I don't have to spend and invest all that time."

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