CONQA uses Onwardly to 2x their cyber resilience score

Learn how CONQA has doubled their security score, effectively communicates success, and continues to improve their resilience strategy as they scale.🦸🦹

Quantifiable resilience reporting 📈

Onwardly's security and privacy resilience scoring has helped Banqer to objectively measure their performance and accurately assess their true resiliency.

Roadmap for continuous improvement 🗺️

Banqer has a plan in place using the platform's roadmap and runbook features, which foster a team approach to security and privacy.

Streamlined trust and confidence 🤝

Through Onwardly's reporting capabilities, Banqer has been able to enhance their reputation and quickly develop confidence and trust by their accreditation body.


🤝 CONQA's industry-changing mission

CONQA, a Quality Assurance (QA) software company, is on a mission to revolutionalise the construction industry by bringing transparency to projects and simplifying workflows.

Before using Onwardly, CONQA faced a significant challenge: a lack of international resources to oversee and manage their cybersecurity efforts.

The challenge

⏰ A lack of time and resources for effective security work

As MyHR experienced continuous growth, ensuring cybersecurity awareness and adherence to best practices became a top priority. MyHR needed a solution that enabled them to plan ahead, leverage existing systems effectively, and build confidence in their security posture and privacy readiness.

"It was almost like we were walking a tightrope or conducting a fine balancing act of doing what we needed to do vs. just scraping by."

Walter Rumbsy

Head of Product Engineering

The Solution

🌟 Cyber resilience now a company-wide commitment

Through using Onwardly, CONQA has not only had the cyber resilience strategy to scale, but has also facilitated a company-wide buy-in on keeping the business secure.

Walter Rumbsy, Head of Product Engineering at CONQA, shares that the shift has "helped us to communicate that cybersecurity isn't merely a software development problem, but it's an organisational one."

Impressed with the product, service, and the continuous addition of new features such as the Slack reminders, CONQA has affirmed that Onwardly has proven to be the right tool to support their growth and drive organisation-wide success.






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"What we found from implementing Onwardly was that we were actually doing relatively well in our approach to software but needed to work on other areas such as our business continuity and physical security practices."

Walter Rumbsy

Head of Product Engineering

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