How CONQA improved their cybersecurity management


CONQA is a Quality Assurance (QA) software developed to increase transparency across construction projects by simplifying workflows to make it easier for workers to do the right thing. Situated in both Australia and New Zealand, CONQA is a steadily growing software start-up set out on revolutionising the construction industry.

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The challenge

A small and resource constrained team 👥

The main issue CONQA faced when they first began working with Onwardly was the lack of internal resources available to oversee, manage and maintain the start-up’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

“It was almost like we were walking a tight rope or conducting a fine balancing act of doing what we needed to do versus just scraping by.”
Walter Rumbsy, Head of Product Engineering

CONQA was unclear of where to focus their security efforts on and didn’t have the resources available to set aside time to figure it out.

They wanted a steadfast approach that could help them get rid of any bureaucratic red tape around cybersecurity planning and management. It was important to implement a tool that could provide a clear pathway that was suited to CONQA’s size while being straightforward for employees to follow — that’s where Onwardly came in.

The solution

The tailored solution CONQA needed 🌟

One of the first customers of Onwardly, CONQA was fortunate to test all aspects of the solution.

“What Onwardly is trying to do is make something that’s been a pain point, less painful,” says Walter. “With Onwardly, there's a path that you can follow to improve how you approach security."

The Onwardly platform is based on a foundation of constant vigilance, monitoring and updating. It ensures that cybersecurity programs remain up-to-date and in control.

On top of the structure and guidance it provides, the Onwardly platform boasts a unique scoring system that Walter and his team have found incredibly useful to identify security objectives and work toward an industry standard based on the size of the business.

The result

Big wins all round for CONQA 🚀

The structure and guidance that Onwardly has provided has not only given CONQA the pathway and prompts required to build a successful startup, but it has also given them the tools to encourage company-wide buy-in.

Since deploying the Onwardly solution, a big win for the team at CONQA has been the buy-in Onwardly has enabled them to achieve across the business. “Onwardly has helped us to communicate that cybersecurity isn’t merely a software development problem, it’s an organisational one,” says Walter.

To the software itself, Onwardly has helped CONQA to identify and split security practices into categories.  

“The pre-built policy was one of the most valuable features for us. And the list of action items we needed to get better."
Tane van der Boon, CEO at Inviol

“What we found from implementing Onwardly was that we were actually doing relatively well in our approach to software but needed to work on other areas such as our business continuity and physical security practices.”

Happy with the product, service and continual new features – such as the newly implemented slack reminder feature – CONQA are pleased to have signed on with Onwardly during its start-up phase as it’s proven the right tool to help them grow out of theirs.

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