2021 startup security due diligence is a top priority

With last year behind us, it’s an opportunity to take a breath and start over. As the sunburn fades, the holiday bubble bursts and your regular habits sprout back - you may be forgiven for thinking it’s business as usual again. Well, maybe not...


Do you feel it? 2020 was the end of security innocence for us all. Perhaps you were already there, but many are slowly waking up to the new reality. There is a coming sea change (it’s already started) where I believe cybersecurity is shifting from the bottom of backlogs to the top 3 initiatives list for many organisations.

The new year is a great time to think about the year ahead, set plans in place, and kick things off.  Forward thinking organisations that invest in their security programs are better defended, win more business and are more likely to bounce back from an incident.

So you’re ready to do better, but there are often reasons why it’s hard to get started. In this post I'll review three common reasons, and why Onwardly can help overcome these.

We’re too busy, it’ll have to wait

Startups are almost by definition busy. I totally understand- there are so many things to do. But do you know what else is true? Busy people get things done. Life in the fast lane means you are crushing your to-do list on a daily basis - this is great!

What if I told you that Onwardly saves you time by creating achievable tasks that you can make rapid progress on? You’d be all over it.

We’re not sure what to do next

You’re not alone - trust me. In fact, this I see is the single most important and biggest challenge with security work - where do we go next? Perhaps you’re on top of your technical application security, but your policy and organisational setup is a bit lacking. Perhaps your staff need training further.

What if you had a personalised security roadmap that generated your own to-do list, so you knew exactly where to focus your time?

We’re pretty small, we’ll focus on this when we’re bigger

I understand - we're small too! But you're never too small to begin. Just like introducing tests early in your code, scaling up your security efforts with your company as it grows can be a lot easier and pays back dividends in the long run. Remember - It’s not about perfect, it’s about good enough for where you are. Start small, build it up from there and know you’re making progress. Onwardly helps even the smallest teams get started.

2021 is the perfect time to start or improve your cybersecurity program. It doesn’t have to be time consuming, confusing or all encompassing. We’ve developed Onwardly as a web-based platform with everything you need to establish and effectively operate a professional security program - one step at a time.

Sound good? Onwardly is currently in beta, and is launching early February 2021. Gain early access today or read more about Onwardly.


Credit: Photo by Stijn te Strake

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