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Three reasons why fast-growing businesses choose Onwardly

🚀 Ease of use
It's never been easier to move your security and privacy programs forward. Get started and make progress in less time.
📈 A collaborative approach
Bring trusted members of your team in Onwardly to help. Assign tasks, review activity and get more done.
🌟 Expert-approved
Onwardly is partnered with SafeStack, a cyber training company, and Simply Privacy, a leading privacy consultancy.

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“Systems can be secure as you like and you can be ticking all the boxes, but if people are not following good practice, then it's all largely moot.”
Peter Simmons, CTO at MyHR

A cybersecurity solution that boosts company-wide awareness and focus on continual improvement 📈

Understanding that cybersecurity is an evergreen process that needs continual monitoring if it's going to be effective, the team at MyHR is working through the list and ensuring that they stay on track.

"We can just keep coming back to it and get on with whatever the next task is," says Peter. "Having that ability means we know we're on the right journey, and that's pretty helpful."

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A simple, easy-to-use solution making life easier 📝

Since using Onwardly, the team at Inviol and their board are reassured that their customer data and their IP is safe. "I can tell the board that we have a security policy in place and we're working through the list of standards," says Tane. "We've still got a few boxes to tick, but we're getting there.

"When asked about the strengths of the Onwardly platform, Tane is quick to emphasise how easy both the solution and the process is. "It's a really easy way to get your security sorted," he says. "That's the main thing for us - it makes our lives easier."

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“The pre-built policy was one of the most valuable features for us. And the list of action items we needed to get better."
Tane van der Boon, CEO at Inviol

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Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work? Do I need a credit card to try Onwardly?

Our free trial lets you explore both the security and privacy programs—free for 7 days. After your free trial ends, you will no longer have access to Onwardly unless you upgrade your account. No credit card is required to begin a free trial.

How can I upgrade my account? What payment methods do you accept?

You can upgrade your account to an Essential or Pro plan at any time during the trial period. To upgrade to the Enterprise plan, please contact us here.

How much time is required to get the most out of the free trial?

The free trial experience allows you to get started within Onwardly. To generate your security and privacy programs, begin with an assessment—each assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Save your progress and resume at any time. You can also invite your team during the trial period. Review your programs together, and see how easy it is to plan, allocate, prioritise and track your security and privacy outcomes in as little as 2 hours a month.

What integrations do you support?

Onwardly fits perfectly with your current workflow by integrating with both Jira and Slack.

What type of support and services are available?

Onwardly helps you to self-manage your cybersecurity program. We are a software platform that replaces or supports the work of a consultant. We have a detailed knowledge base that walks you through every aspect of getting started with Onwardly—and support varies based on your plan.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?

Yes. To learn more about discounts for charitable organisations, book in a call here.

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