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Inviol is an Auckland-based company that provides an AI-driven health and safety coaching solution. Its objective is to reduce the risk of workplace injuries by continuously coaching teams to follow health and safety best practices. Founded in 2021 by CEO Tane van der Boon, the company is still quite young and had been considering its cybersecurity options.

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The challenge

Finding any easy way to implement security πŸš€

Following discussions with potential customers, the team at Inviol realised that there were security standards they needed to comply with, as well as protecting their business. "Our main concerns were making sure we didn't get hacked or have any customer data breaches," Tane explains. "That could potentially be a business destroyer."

With that in mind, Tane began a search for a security solution that was easy to deploy, with steps to follow and apply. This search led him to Onwardly, who, as fate would have it, occupied the same office space as Inviol.

"Essentially, we needed just an easy way to get our security policy in place," Tane recalls. "I'd looked at a few options and some of them were really expensive.

"Onwardly was a lot more cost-effective and had this list of things to do, and we could run as fast, as hard as we like, and didn't necessarily need someone to come in to give us that."

Having completed his due diligence, Tane made the decision to go with Onwardly's security policy solution.

The solution

A cybersecurity platform with security tasks all in one place πŸ“

The Onwardly platform is based on a foundation of constant vigilance, monitoring and updating. It ensures that cybersecurity programs remain up-to-date and in control. In the beginning, an assessment is undertaken that walks through every area of cybersecurity in a business, then generates actionable goals, enabling the business to:

  • Plan ahead and make progress with a complete roadmap of tasks to be implemented
  • Leverage existing systems to work more effectively
  • Give customers confidence in their security posture

Onwardly demystifies the process of security, allowing businesses to better understand what to do next in order to defend their company and achieve their mission.

β€œThe pre-built policy was one of the most valuable features for us. And the list of action items we needed to get better."
Tane van der Boon, CEO at Inviol
The result

A simple, easy-to-use solution making life easier 🌟

Since deploying the Onwardly solution, the team at Inviol and their board are reassured that their customer data and their IP is safe. "I can tell the board that we have a security policy in place and we're working through the list of standards," says Tane. "We've still got a few boxes to tick, but we're getting there.

"When asked about the strengths of the Onwardly platform, Tane is quick to emphasise how easy both the solution and the process is. "It's a really easy way to get your security sorted," he says. "That's the main thing for us - it makes our lives easier."

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